What you should wear to a job interview

You're in the top tens and should start preparing for the next nerve-racking stage in the job hunt; the dreaded interview. This is how you should dress.

Job interview - What to wear - Clothing

What you are going to wear might seem like a very unnecessary ordeal to consider, but it is in fact quite important. It all plays down to what kind of first impression you want to give. So all you gamers and hoodie-lovers let’s get into it, huh?

Research the company

Firstly and most importantly, research the company! Look at their social media and company photos: how are their employees dressed? This will give you an insight into what kind of people they are and how they like to dress. With this newfound information you can easily put together an outfit that will impress, and make them feel like you fit right in. Which you do, right? wink*

Show off your personality

Even though it is beneficial to dress like you are one of them, it is important to show off your personality. Give them a feel for who you are, but at the same time show that you can be trusted to represent their brand. If you have a favorite item of clothing that truly shows off who you are, wear it! Unless it has racist slurs or any pro-Trump slogans on it.

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Show that you have made an effort

Even though you don’t normally suit up on a daily basis, the interviewer will appreciate that you have made somewhat of an effort to look nice. Do you have a nice blazer? Wear it over your favorite t-shirt with some nice trousers and clean(!) shoes. It will immediately give off an impression that you have your shit together and that you can organize your work well. Psst! nobody does, but let them think you are the unicorn.

Hairstyle and makeup

So, hairstyle. Everything can look very dapper from your neck down, but if you don’t have your head under control it can make all the efforts you’ve made in other areas go to waste. This is not something we want to happen, so read on to get life-changing tips.

Firstly: less is more and simplicity is key. You want both your face and your hair to look very natural and sleek. You want to look professional and like you just woke up like that. You are not Beyonce, but you can be.

For the guys: get a haircut, and style it so it looks neat. DON’T USE TOO MUCH GEL. Groom or shave your beards, wear cologne and brush your freakin’ teeth. If you usually wear makeup you can do this now as well, but like with the women: don’t overdo it!

For the women: brush your hair, style it so it looks sleek and well put together, but don’t go all prom style. If you don’t have glass skin or look like you have just been running in a field of flowers, you can wear makeup. The rule of “less is more” has never been more applicable. You’re suppose to look energized and awake, not like you’re going to a party.

With this little guide, you can make a great first impression and hopefully get the job! Good luck!

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